I think it’s about time I update this blog, don’t you think?

Anonymous sent: Did you purposely pick the face/hair you use? I have a very similar one but I accidentally got it because back when I started, I didn't realize your answers made for different faces! It always kinda bums me out, not looking as cute as I could but I'm just too far along ( already 2nd story house ) to ever start over just cuz of a face. ;;

I did! You can look at the choices here 

Anonymous sent: post more house interiors? ilu


Anonymous sent: thanks so much for the tutorial on using an emulator to play on pc, especially the part where it says to open any other RAR file ♥

ya welcome

Anonymous sent: when i play the angc .gcm on dolphin, it is super laggy. how to fix?

Go to the sound settings and mute the sound completely. That really does a number!

katkalel sent: I think there should be an animal crossing app... So I can play it on my phone.

Man I agree. 2much2handle