Anonymous sent: Did you purposely pick the face/hair you use? I have a very similar one but I accidentally got it because back when I started, I didn't realize your answers made for different faces! It always kinda bums me out, not looking as cute as I could but I'm just too far along ( already 2nd story house ) to ever start over just cuz of a face. ;;

I did! You can look at the choices here 

Anonymous sent: post more house interiors? ilu


Anonymous sent: thanks so much for the tutorial on using an emulator to play on pc, especially the part where it says to open any other RAR file ♥

ya welcome

Anonymous sent: when i play the angc .gcm on dolphin, it is super laggy. how to fix?

Go to the sound settings and mute the sound completely. That really does a number!

katkalel sent: I think there should be an animal crossing app... So I can play it on my phone.

Man I agree. 2much2handle

Anonymous sent: Is there a way to either 'make' a second memory card to make a new town or visit a friends town if we both use emulators?

Yeah! Go to memory card and switch memory card a with b (ie: turn off memory card a and just turn on b so you can make a new town!)

Anonymous sent: I've a problem with the rom, when i try to open it, dolphin crash after few seconds

Hmm, it could be that you don’t have enough RAM for it. Try shutting down everything before you play it and send me an ask again!